Thursday, November 1, 2012

October in Review

October has been a long month with some ups and downs. The temperature dipped, classwork and homework picked up, one of our roommates moved out, and the house is still not even put back together. But it wasn't a bad month by any means. Any month when the leaves change colours and pumpkins and pumpkin flavoured things can be found is a good month to me.

So let's see which if my October Goals I actually managed to accomplish.

Actually finish Chapter 8 of my book (and then some!)
Continue to find balance between all the responsibilities in my life.
Make fresh baked pumpkin seeds at least once.
Go hooping in the leaves.
Look for an online writing job (link me if you find any!)
Update the shop.
Put together an awesome Halloween costume.

Four out of seven.... I could have done better, haha. Writing in my novel is proving difficult. Motivation is half the problem and the other half is that I'm writing a really tricky scene that I don't want to butcher too badly on myself. I didn't make pumpkin seeds yet either but it's on my to-do list for tonight! And I also didn't go hooping -I've either been busy or the weather has not been conducive. Hopefully I can do that before it snows, but right now I want to wait until everything dries as the ground is still soaked from Sandy's visit a few days ago.

But I did (mostly) find a good balance between work, school, relationships, and personal time. And I looked for online writing jobs. I haven't been hired for one yet, but I've looked! The shop did indeed get updated and I did put together a cool costume. Which I haven't shared yet I know, sorry! My Halloween/Day of the Dead party is tomorrow though so I will try to get some good pictures.

Happy November everyone!

Lady Unlaced


  1. I didn't bake seeds either!! :(!!
    Last night I was on a mission to find a pumpkin scented candle.. I didn't. Oh wait, I found one and it was gross smelling. I was so bummed!
    I'm excited to see your costume/party pics!!!!
    Happy November Manda!

  2. That's good that you got some of your goals completed.

  3. You accomplished quite a lot!!

  4. you did quite well ;)
    so do you get hooked into one scene, or are you able to move to another part, and return to that scene later?

    1. I could, but it's a super-important scene and I'm not sure how the next part plays out because I haven't figured out how this part plays out .___. I kind of just discover what it going to happen in my novel as I write it (for the most part)


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