Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring/Ostara!

Apologies, I meant to make this post earlier in the day but I got caught up doing a few other things instead. 

It's the first day of spring! Which, granted, would be more exciting if there were not snow on the ground. I'm not going to lie, I really dislike New England winters. They go on too long and there is hardly a year where the first day of spring isn't one filled with snow and below 40 degrees. Today has been mostly cloudy, cold, and wet.

But still, with it being officially spring I am looking forward to the inevitably soon REAL arrival of warmer weather. Fingers crossed that the next few weeks show some actual signs of life and warmth.

If you're the witchy type, then today is more of a big deal for you then it is for most people. Because were as most just say "Hurrah! It's spring!", witches see today as a time for real celebration. The wheel of the year is turning and Ostara is a time to holding celebratory rites, give offerings to the gods, and rejoice in the return of life to the Earth.

So if you're the last minute kind of witch (I definitely am) then here as some last minute ideas for altar decorations and rituals. This is assuming you are also the kind of witch who celebrates at night. Again, that's the type I am.

Fresh flowers, moss, fruit, glitter, eggs, seeds, yellow and pink candles, rose quartz, citrine, and symbols of deities such as Brigid, Eostre, Freya, Osiris, Persephone, etc.
Ritual Ideas:
1. A simple cleansing ceremony is always a nice idea. Spring is a time of rebirth, not just for plants, but for the soul. 
2. A ritual for creative birth is always a good idea as well. Now is the perfect time to ask the gods to give blessings to any new projects you are starting.
3. A ritual for celebration! Your rite does not always have to have a purpose like "please bless this" or "now I am going to make this change" etc, it can be just for pure celebration of the fact that is is spring! Eat fruit, drink wine, give offerings to the gods and the faeries, and enjoy yourself. There is no need to be serious all the time, especially not during the playful time of spring.

Happy Ostara everyone!

Lady Unlaced

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  1. Same to you dear soul! I wish I could send you some California sunshine.

  2. I will raise of glass with you to celebrate!! Love your blog! Following with BlogLovin :) Hope your week is wonderful.

    1. Thanks so much :) I hope yours is wonderful as well!


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