Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Daily Essentials

I got the idea for this post from Sophie, who is a lovely blogger and also runs the Wilde Asher shop which is filled with bohemian and vintage goodness.

Anyways, this is a post about a few of the things I use on a(n almost 100%) daily basis. Excuse the not-so-great quality -my phone camera is my only current means of picture taking.

1. Cocoa Butter // 2. Green tea // 3. Hand lotion // 4. Julep lip balm // 5. A good pen for writing // 6. Hematite ring // 7. Nook // 8. Planner // 9. Sunglasses // 10. Incense

1- Cocoa butter is my favourite way to moisturize. I just buy a cheap brand and rub it on my whole body after I shower. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth.

2- Green tea is a must for me. I drink at least 3 cups of a tea, and at least one of them is green tea.

3- The hand lotion I'm using currently is a small bottle of San Francisco Soap Company lotion. It's the one's they leave in hotels for people to use. It smells great.

4- Julep is a seriously great company. I shared some of the nail polish I got with them here. The lip balm came with that package and I really love it. I always have lip balm on me and this is a favourite.

5- I always have a pen on me. You never know when inspiration will hit!

6- I always wear my hematite ring. It matches everything and hematite is a great stone for grounding and focusing.

7- My Nook was a gift from a dear friend. The book I am reading currently is on it so it has been getting a lot of use lately.

8- My planner is vital to keeping my life organized. I give myself a list of goals everyday and use it to plan out my blog posts. This one is from Barnes & Noble and works wonderfully.

9- Sunglasses! I have sensitive eyes so I keep sunglasses on me whenever I leave the house. This pair are from Five Below so are really cheap, but I love them.

10- Incense is a must. I burn a few sticks a day. This "Forest" scent by HEM is a recent favourite of mine. I love anything that reminds me of the woods.

Other things that get used daily would be my laptop & phone (duh!) as well as various candles and fun thrifted mugs. 

Lady Unlaced


  1. Yay, I love posts like this! I get to be nosy hehehe.
    HEM make amazing incenses, I use their White Sage incense all the time and it is the most natural smelling sage incense I've ever smelt.

    1. One of the New Age shops I visit sells them 6 for 5$ so I try to stock up whenever I go. Definitely some of my favourite incense. The white sage is great and their Ganesha one is fantastic :)

    2. Oh that sounds wonderful, I'll check my local shop and see if she stocks HEM incenses since I've had to buy them online up till now.

  2. I love burning incense too, but I hardly ever remember to do it. I was thinking about it just yesterday. I need to set up a little space for it. Love the hematite ring :)

    1. I have several incense burners around our apartment so I can burn one no matter what room I am in xD


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