Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh hello, this is my face, and also an update

Look see, my face. And also my hair. Because I love my hair and I feel 1000x more badass when I take the time to straighten my fringe and pull the rest back so you can see the shaved bits. 

Currently I am hanging out with this lady at her apartment, doing things that I would be doing at home only in her bedroom instead of mine. We did go out yesterday with friends (after a night of wine and cuddle piles) which was nice and she got me some purple hair chalk and a new ring for my lip which I put in this morning and am super excited about. I missed having a ring, I like the way they look better than studs, I just haven't had the extra money to get one. And they were on sale at Hot Topic, buy one get one for $1, and the attractive sales guy convinced me I needed the extra set. So now I have four lip rings and one lip piercing, haha. 

And today we are lounging around the house, Sue doing work and me just putzing around the internet, reading, and trying to write. I am determined to bang out another chapter of my fanfic in the next few days and work on my (main) novel some. I got so much of it done for Nanowrimo and I really need to get back on that train of productivity again. 

What are you all up to? Any interesting plans for the weekend? Or non-interesting plans?



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