Saturday, December 10, 2011

Full Moon Tonight

That's right lovelies, tonight is the Full Moon! I missed the eclipse unfortunately, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let that get me down. And if you're witchy like me, then you know that this is the perfect time for spellcrafting. The mother Moon is shining bright in the sky, and all magickal acts are sure to be aided and watched over by the Goddess.

Need some ideas on how to celebrate and honour the Full Moon tonight? I am here to help! :D

*Cast a circle outside under the moon. Have with you a candle (white or black preferably) and a slip of paper with something you want to release written on it. This can be anything -a bad habit, negative thoughts, etc. Call on the energy of the Moon and ask for its aid to help you to banish this from your life. Burn the paper over the candle flame. Take the time to ground your energy and then bask in the glow of the moon.

*Spend some time by the water. Water and the Moon are very closely associated. Find a beach and appreciate the waves of the ocean, or if you’re at a lake or pond just admire the water’s serenity and beauty. Walk along the shore and soak up the moonlight.

*Go for a walk! It can be through the woods or just down the road. Take the time to reflect on yourself and enjoy the night.

*Howl at the moon! Let your primal side take over and be a wolf! Be a creature of the night!

*Take this time to lay out crystals, water, divination tools, and anything you’d like to cleanse and give a lunar charge under the moonlight.

*Spend time in your garden, frolicking with the fae. Leave them gifts of moon-shaped treats and sugary delights!

Lady Unlaced

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