Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting close to the end...

Of the semester that is. Classes are officially over and Finals Week is on the immediate horizon. My workload has not been too bad this finals season, but I am a bit stressed over two of my up-coming tests: Applied Statistics and Oceanography. Oceanography I don't think will be a hard test, I'm just worried about not being able to remember it all. We learned a lot in a few short months. Stats is another problem altogether. I am terrified to take the final for that class. I am currently attempting to do some last minute online homework for that class and it is seriously stressing me out. A lot of it doesn't make sense and I can't quite remember learning it. And when I think I've done something right I click the "submit" button only to find out that my answer is incorrect. I hate it. I kept at the same problem for about an hour, looking through the book and my notes trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. I still haven't gotten it right.
Math gives me serious anxiety. I'm not very good at it and no matter what I do I just don't understand most of it. Numbers and me simply do not get along. But I really need to do well enough in this class so that I at least pass it and I don't have to retake it. I don't think I could handle taking it again. I'm nervous that if I'm having this much trouble with the homework then I'm doomed when it comes to the final.

I can't wait until all these tests are over and I can pack up my stuff and go home for a few weeks. My brain hurts and I need a break from teachers trying to shove pointless information into my skull. Don't get me wrong, I love my lit classes -it's just everything else that's driving me insane. Especially math. Most of it is not even useful.

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