Sunday, December 16, 2012

And it continues...

I have gotten a lot of my homework done for the semester, but I am still not done. I have conquered two papers, and two other assignments, but I still have an 8-10 page paper to do and an exam to study for.

I can't wait until it's over.

I am not graduating this semester. I had planned to, but in order to have the credits I need to graduate I would have to take winter classes, Which would be fine, but they run about $800 a piece and there is no way for me to get financial aid for them. Needless to say, I do not have the money right now. 

So I am taking some time off and plan to finish my degree over the summer. It gives me enough time to save the money as well as some time to breath. College is incredibly stressful, especially when the rest of your life is constantly shifting and moving beneath your feet. It will be nice to not have to worry about finishing a paper on time for awhile.

It also means I will be able to dedicate some more time here. I have a lot of cool posts I have been wanting to make, but I just haven't had enough time or energy to put into them after I get done with everything else that, unfortunately, has to take precedence. But more magick, thrift, and other awesome posts are soon to come!

In the mean time, however, I am going to tackle this last paper and start to study for my exam.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Lady Unlaced


  1. All in time dear! Don't worry for that, hopefully you will find the money for your summer class and graduate!!! Good luck with the exams i do have mine and i dont like the stress they bring =/
    Have a great week ^^

    1. Thanks dear! Good luck on yours as well!


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