Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The day after

I really hope everyone had a lovely Christmas yesterday! I am lucky that I got to spend it with some of the people I love the most in the world. Plus my cat! Eli is currently living with my mom until I am somewhere I can have cats. We have a cat at our place now, but we're only allowed the one unfortunately, and she was here first. But Eli he seems to be getting along pretty well with my mom's kitten and was happy to see me for a few hours yesterday.

I got lots of wonderful and thoughtful gifts that I am hoping to share sometime soon with you all. Seriously, my friends and family know me so well. And after spending time at my mom's and eating a ton of food I got to spend the rest of the day with the man I love, building a puzzle, drinking champagne, eating ice cream, and watching Dreamworks Christmas specials and The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was absolutely wonderful. <3 p="p">

Today I am spending the day cleaning up a bit and lounging with this pretty little lady:

The day after Christmas always seems strange to me. I guess because there is such build up to the actually holiday and then it's over so fast. I'm never sure what to do the next day. Does anyone else feel strange the day after, or is that just me?

I hope you're all enjoying your Wednesday!

Lady Unlaced


  1. Your cat is adorable! It sounds like you had a pretty wonderful Christmas! I do agree that the day after holiday feeling is always kind of weird. Especially since you are eating leftovers from Christmas dinner and the house seems emptier without relatives and guests.

    1. Isn't she just? hehe. And yeah, we have sooo much cheesecake at our house xD


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