Monday, December 3, 2012

Busy Bee

The next few weeks are packed full of responsibilities and things that need to get done for me. It is the end of the semester and the homework, papers, and final exam projects are piling up. Everyone is in crunch mode as professors try to cram in all the work they wanted to get done for the semester. An on top of that I have orders to ship, online writing jobs to look for and apply to, and things to pack, as I am moving in a few weeks.

Plus go to work so that I can pay my last months rent and finish doing my holiday shopping.

December is busy busy busy. I can't wait until school is out and I get some more time to relax. I am itching to just sit down with a book and read for hours with a cup of tea and my cat. 

Speaking of said kitty:
He is lounging in the chair behind me, looking at me and occasionally meowing. He thinks he needs attention every second of every day. Because cat.

Lady Unlaced

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