Monday, December 31, 2012

December (& 2012) in Review

I can't believe that December is already over! And that all of 2012 is at its end! Everything goes by so quickly, especially since I have moved around so much this past year. A lot has changed in 365 days. But before I get into all that new year stuff, let's take a look at my monthly goals.

For December I set myself these goals:

Get through finals without going crazy.
Sleep more.
Look for an online writing job.
Write more in my novel.
Update the shop at least once, preferably twice.

So I managed the first three things. Finals were long and crazy -I had a ton of work to do and on top of the moving process (which I am still not done with), it was pretty stressful. But I managed to hand in all my papers on time and I think I did pretty well on the one exam that I had. My crazy status is at a stable level.

I did sleep more, especially once finals were over. Something about paper writing just makes me want to sleep for days.

I did look for online writing jobs. I applied to a few, heard back from no one. I suppose other people might be discouraged, but I plan to keep at it. I will find another in town part time job if I have to in the mean time. Fingers crossed!

As for the last two, I honestly haven't had the time or energy. The shop is on vacation right now until everything is settled, and the most I have done for my novel is jot down some notes and write down a few good sentences here and there. I have been writing some poetry though, so that counts for something, right? Maybe, haha.

I am not disappointed with the last month at all. I think it has been a good end to the year and I am excited to get into 2013 and have an even better year. I am even thinking of doing a 365-challenge. Don't worry, if I do I will let you all know about it. I was thinking something like a portrait challenge. Ideas?

I hope you all have a lovely New Years Eve! Drink lots of wine (if you're old enough!) and celebrate with friends, I know I will ;)

Lady Unlaced

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