Saturday, February 23, 2013


A peek into what I have been up to lately.

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Lots of work on the computer with Eli usually sleeping somewhere nearby. He likes being stretched out on the bed, especially if he can find a ray of sunlight to bathe in.

Watching: Top Gear (the UK version obviously) -I'm not a big car person (fun fact: I don't even have a license, haha) but Top Gear is hysterical and great to watch over dinner. 

Reading: I am still reading Women Who Run With The Wolves (it is a very dense book) but I am making a lot of progress on it. I will probably reread it when I'm done as well. There is a lot to take from it. I also just finished Looking for Alaska by John Green (loved it!) and have moved on to Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett which I am enjoying so far.

Wearing: T-shirts and jeans when I go out paired with my knee high doc martens and comfy lounge pants or shorts when home. The shorts are usually paired with knee-high socks, a tank, and oversized hoodie.

Drinking & Eating: Chocolate chip cookies! And lots of coffee and tea, per usual. Dinners have consisted of a lot of potatoes (roasted in various ways), pasta, veggies, and tofu. We made a spinach casserole last week that was delicious as well!

Thinking About: Health -I want to work out more. Also about  this blog and my shop and what I want to do with both. I have a lot of ideas. Now if only I could get them into action...

Inspired By: Pictures of forests and flowers. I am seriously itching for some nicer weather. I am over winter and ready for sandals and laying in the grass. Sunlight inspires me and keeps me moving and I would love for some warm weather so I can bask in it outside.

Doing: Lots of work on the blog (obviously, haha) and the shop. Between designing graphics and jewelry I have been pretty busy. I have also been applying for writing jobs online, playing with Eli (I do this a lot), reading, and playing Lego Harry Potter with my boyfriend.

What have you been up to recently?

Lady Unlaced

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