Thursday, February 28, 2013

February In Review & New Sponsor Info

February is at it's end! I know it's the shortest month and all but it still feel like it went by really fast. I'm glad it has though, because that means we are all the closer to spring! Unfortunately warm weather takes awhile to creep back into New England and settle down to stay, but I am getting more and more antsy for it nonetheless.

All in all this past month was much better than January. I have had my down days, but I have been happier and more productive in the past few weeks than I was before, so that is definitely something! So let's take a look at the goals I set for myself

Continue my online job hunt.  I hunted and hunted, and almost had something, but unfortunately the place never emailed me back. I am not giving up though. This search will continue!

Finish Looking for Alaska and A Fistful of Charms (books) Actually, I'll be honest, I only finished Looking for Alaska. I got a good way into A Fistful of Charms but I'm just not feeling urban fantasy right now. I will definitely be going back to it though. I'm still calling this one a success though because I did start another book and get more into Women Who Run With The Wolves.

Journal more. Fail. I didn't. I am working on it though.

Work on updating the shop. Success! I reopened the shop, renamed it, made a new banner, and added new stock!

Work on updating this blog (I want a new look!) Also a success! I (obviously) gave my blog a complete redesign that I am thrilled with and created a bunch of new buttons. Plus I gave my Tumblr Tuesday posts a new look and have been working on adding new, more interesting content.

Restart a daily yoga practice. There is still work to be done on this one, but I have been integrating a simple yoga practice back into my life. I hope to keep it up and also add in some strength training and cardio.

I would definitely consider February to be a success! Check back tomorrow for my March goals list.

And onto my new sponsor information! I mentioned in my style obsession post yesterday that I was using Passionfruit ads again for my blog. I offer two, completely affordable, option: Featured Ad and a smaller, Button Swap option. 

The Featured Ad gets you a large (200x200) button on my blog for an entire month, including a spot in a new sponsor post that I will do during the month. The sponsor post will feature a bit about your blog and all your links, plus you will get shout outs on my twitter, facebook, and pinterest. You also have the option of hosting a giveaway on my blog, or writing a guest post that will be featured here.

The Swap option is for a smaller button (200x100) and with the code SWAPME you can get this spot for free! The only catch is that I ask you put my button up on your site as well so that we both get exposure. These spots will also get a small shoutout in my monthly sponsors post.

Take a look and grab a spot on my Sponsor Page!

Lady Unlaced


  1. Seems like you accomplished a lot of your goals!

    xo Jennifer

  2. You did so well this month, well done!
    I'm really excited that you're offering sponsorship now, I saw it mentioned on Instagram earlier and came looking for information straight away hehehe. I just paid for a feature ad, I really love your blog and totally want to support you <3

    1. I am sooo excited to have you as a sponsor! asdfghjlk You're so lovely <3

  3. That's a really positive month summary! I love that you committed to your yoga practice. I need to do that, like really really need to do that. :)

    1. It makes me feel so much better when I remember to do it in the morning. I need to work on making a set time to do it rather than just somewhere within the first fours hours of being awake, haha


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