Friday, February 8, 2013

What I Wore w/ eShakti

Recently I was contacted by this wonderful online clothing shop called eShakti about doing a product review for them. After taking a look at what they had to offer I enthusiastically accepted. They have beautiful clothing! Tons of vintage and retro inspired dresses that are to die for.

And the cool thing about eShakti is that you can have the clothes custom tailored to you! You can either pick a standard size or provide your measurements to assure that you get the perfect fit! And they will even adjust the length for you. How awesome is that? I love the idea of a company catering to the needs of each individual woman and treating them as they are -unique and completely different than any other woman.

This is the dress I chose. I picked the standard US size 8 and had the length adjusted so that it hit just above my knee. Being short means that midi skirts and dresses are not the most flattering look for me. But having it hemmed up resulted in the perfect length and a lovely look. I am so happy with it!

I mean seriously, how great is this dress? It fits like a dream, is relatively easy to get on and off, and is  pretty high quality. It's definitely one of the nicest pieces in my wardrobe. It even has pockets!

I really adore the detailing. Black and gold is one of my favourite colour combinations, and I love how retro yet bohemian looking the stitching design is. Just my taste. I was also pleasantly surprised at how much I love the pleated skirt. I like pleated skirts but I usually feel like they don't suit me. I'm glad I took the chance on this one though, a definite hit.

 I know the lightning changes a lot in these photos, sorry! Not the best camera + different angles in the sun + not a whole lot of time to get perfect shots of everything.

Outfit Details
Dress // c/o eShakti
Mesh Cardigan // Thrifted
Tights // Target (old)
Boots // Dr. Marten's via Ebay
Sunglasses // Amazon
Earrings // Kintage (credit won via Kaelah's blog)
Bangles // InPink (credit won via Roxy's blog)

I searched my entire jewelry collection trying to find a necklace that matched this outfit but couldn't find a single one! My gold jewelry is seriously lacking. I really want a dainty gold necklace to go with this dress, preferably one with a rabbit or a cat. I also really like the way the dress looks sans cardigan, but I was cold enough taking these pictures as it was. February New England weather is not really fit for sleeveless dresses.

Also, I know my hair looks a mess, I am dreading it after all. The most I can do with it right now is pull it back into a ponytail so it doesn't look quite so insane.

Lady Unlaced



  1. That is a great dress! I'm a fan of eShakti, too. And I love that almost all of their dresses have pockets. :-D

    1. The pockets really just made my day. I looove dresses with pockets. I need somewhere to store my chapstick and phone so they don't get lost! haha


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