Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Shop!?

Yes! I have opened my second online shop as of yesterday!

As most of you know, I run an etsy shop filled with handmade jewelry (and more handmade goodies to come!) already. The prices are cheap and I update it pretty often -my last update was only yesterday and I added some new necklaces and earrings. 

I've been pretty busy with not only that shop, but my new one as well, which is hosted by Storenvy. THRIFT HEART is an online thrift store where you can see and buy some of my local charity shop finds. The store is separate from Unlaced Shop of (he)ART because I do not just sell vintage items, but newer things as well. Whatever I find perusing the racks has the possibility to end up in Thrift Heart.

AAAANNNDD I am keeping the prices cheap. I love looking at vintage and thrifted finds in other people's shops, but I usually cringe at the price tag attached. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a budget, and clothes are not something I can afford to spend a lot on. I just can't justify 30$ on a t-shirt. 

As of right now, nothing in Thrift Heart is over 10$! Not even kidding -my most expensive item right now is a 9$ vest from The Limited that looks like it's out of the 80s.

Right now the shop just has clothing, but you can probably expect to see belts, bags, and other accessories as well over time. Keep checking back for new stock.

I'm super excited about this new project and I'm really hoping it will take off. So if you're into cool, cheap clothing, spread the word and have fun browsing.

I hope you're all having a great Sunday! It's beautiful out here and I wish I didn't have so much homework to do. I'd much rather be outside enjoying the sun.

Lady Unlaced


  1. hi amanda! i'm in your capstone class... nice blog! good to learn that you are into alot of the same things i am!!! you should check out my blog, etsy shop and/or candle company

    1. Thank you! :) Cool candles, I'm such a sucker for those and incense. Too bad we can't have them in the dorms D:

  2. that is too bad =( schools almost up though! then you can burn all the candles ya want ;) i even make custom ones i can put anything ya want on the jar.

    I also love to make jewelry! i just haven't found the time or motivation to make a stock to sell. Yours is beautiful though! i'll definitely have to pick some up on etsy. i spend so much money on there :X

    1. Awesome. And thank you! I work hard on it, hehe. Etsy is like that, waaay too much money spent on that site, but so much good stuff.

  3. agreed. see you on wednesday. i'm playing hooky again tomorrow.


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