Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

Hey ghoulies (I might take to calling all my readers that now) it's Friday the 13th! How awesome is that? Little, lame things like this make my goffy heart sing, haha. I wish I could say I was doing something super-cool to mark the day, but I'm not. :(

Actually I'm still sitting around in my dorm room not doing anything (reading all the newest blog posts of the people I follow) instead of getting a move on and doing all the things I need to do. Like shower, eat something, go register for my Seminar class next semester, work on homework....

I'd rather just chill out in the sun with a book or my sketchpad, even though I know the sunshine through my window is deceiving me. It's not as nice out as it looks. I also have some jewelry projects and clothing deconstruction/studding that sounds like more fun than my current to-do list. Me and my boyfriend starting studding some jean vests we got last week and we have plans for patches as well. He's pretty into the punk scene. I like the aesthetic. My patches will be things like a Sylvia Plath quote and something Emilie Autumn related, haha. I will share when it's done. I have a few other altered clothes I want to share as well. Keep your eyes peeled.

What are your plans for this lovely Friday the 13th? Doing anything fun and ghoulish? (I've been looking at too much Monster High stuff lately, can you tell? I can't help it, those dolls are awesome!)

Part of the newest news on Can't wait to read the whole thing!

Hope your day is awesome!

Lady Unlaced

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