Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers!

I went to the midnight premiere with a ton of friends last night for The Avengers!

It was fantastic! Joss Whedon did not let me down (not that I thought he would.) I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes the Marvel stuff. I'm not even into superheroes or comics, but I really enjoyed it. Loki was such a bad-ass and Thor was awesome and Tony Stark is witty and fabulous and everyone else was really great. Go see it!

Also I found out that Thor 2 is coming out next November! O: I a super-excited for that! Thor is probably one of my favourite movies ever! And Natalie Portman is suppose to be in it so I am looking forward to Jane's return. 

Sooo, yeah, this has been my not-really movie review of The Avengers, haha.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

Lady Unlaced

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