Thursday, April 18, 2013

Elemental Connection: Fire

Fire is something my Leo side connects with. Sometimes it is too fierce an element for me and I have to step back, but sometimes all I want to do is dance around a bonfire and let its flames warm my soul. I think sometimes my writing comes the fiery place in my spirit. Sometimes I just write words and I can see the flames licking around them, giving them a life all their own.

Personally speaking...
I love bonfires. Once it warms up outside after the long New England winter I am content to sit by a fire just about every night, sometimes with a glass of wine, sometimes just with tea. I love smelling like a fire pit. I love letting the flames heat my face and make my skin flush. I love getting lost in my own world while watching the fire grow and fade.

It heats my bones and sets my soul alight. In the presence of fire I find a swelling of passion and creativity. It unleashes the tigress in my heart and sets her free into the world. My tiger relishes a good fire, especially under the light of the moon. I am overcome with hope and light. In the presence of the flames I look to the future and I hold strong to my faith and my hope. I am ready to fight for the love and passion I have within me. Fire makes me a warrior.

My warrior self does not come out to play often. Usually I am more subdued, letting things grow and die as they will, going with the flow of life and the Universe. But something about fire gets my blood pumping and I am ready to take on the world if I must. I am propelled forward.

Symbol of elemental fire

Magickally speaking...

Fire is a masculine energy. As an element it is associated with strength, passion, life-force, and purity. It is an element of pure light and energetic force.

Colour: Red
Direction: South
Planet(s): Mars, Sun
Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagitarrius 
Time of Day: Midday

How do you connect with fire? What does it awaken in your soul?

Lady Unlaced

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  1. Bonfires are my favourite part of camping!


  2. My Sagittarius soul is such a fire seeker. I connect with fire on such a deep level. It soothes me and I am very happy sitting in our backyard around the fire pit. I could sit there for a long while and I do some of my best thinking and head clearing there.

    1. Sitting by a bonfire is probably one of the best things to do when trying to think. I just love it.


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