Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time

It's that time of the week. I've collected a few pretty good things for you here today and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Tea of the Week: Chinese Oolong. This is one of my favourite teas ever and I just learned that it can help boost your metabolism and (specifically) burn fat calories. How awesome is that?

Tumblr Finds


Sorry I missed yet another day! Am enjoying a bit of warmth down here in FL for the weekend, and spent most of yesterday traveling. Here’s part of a mini-shoot I had this morning!
Love this girl, styling a Blackmilk dress surrounded by trees and Earth. Perfect.


Oh, you don’t want these eggs?
This is hysterical and relevant to my life right now. (Sorry if that is TMI for you, but it's true)


Best post
This made me crack up. And in case you're wondering, I am pro-choice.

Window Shopping

Black Lingerie Maxi Slip/Nightie - Lace Lingerie -Bamboo & Organic Cotton
Love this beautiful slip. I would wear it as a dress to be honest.

Art Nouveau Tiara Autumn Flame Amethyst and Copper
How stunning is this tiara? I love everything in the Thyme2Dream shop.

Reading List
1. This post on mookychick on 10 Reasons to Hate Cosmopolitan magazine is a pretty good read and important for every woman to take a look at and think about.
2. I really love this piece on why 2013 is the Year of the Witch. Can that be every year from now?
3. 11 Evil Monsters Who Make Working Customer Service a Nightmare is a completely spot on piece. I worked in a grocery store for a couple of months and the amount of people who are rude, etc, is unbelievable.

Let the waves of the Universe rise and fall as they will. You have nothing to gain or lose. You are the ocean. -Ashtavakra Gita

Lady Unlaced

P.S. I am starting a new mini-blog series tomorrow that is full of soul and magick. Excited? I am.

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