Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time

Happy Tuesday lovers! It's suppose to be a beautiful day here today and I hope it is where you are too. The weather has finally been shaping up to feel more like spring and I couldn't be happier. I'm glad for open windows, warm breezes, and lots of sunshine.

Tea of the Week: Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy by Yogi. I love Yogi tea, although I don't buy much of it (have you seen the price of it? ouch!) and this tea is one of my favourites. It's a sweet tea treat that gives you an energy kick. Win-win as far as I'm concerned.

Tumblr Finds

The abandoned orphanage ( explore ) by andre govia. on Flickr.
I love abandoned places. Source.

This is just too sweet.


Moon dreams
And this is just beautiful.

Window Shopping
Cat Lady Perfume Oil
I obviously need this in my life.

Forest Fawn Bottled Terrarium Necklace
How adorable is this terrarium necklace? Love it!

Reading List
1. This awesome vampire myth that Angie posted about was really fascinating to read. I am excited to look into it a bit more. (Vampires are my weakness, okay? haha)
2. Children's Shows Don't Belong To You. "We substitute the humor, the hope, and the ideology of children’s fiction with run-of-the-mill “it was all a dream” psychological horror, and by doing so, we throw a giant middle finger to the critically important messages these shows convey. " I agree with this *completely.*
3. I loved this piece on following people on the internet and not needing t be friends with everyone. (You really don't need to be friends with everyone.)

One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters… But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk. -Charles Baudelaire 

Lady Unlaced


  1. I always look forward to these posts so much, you find such amazing things Manda!

    I really love the article on children's shows. I remember the first time I heard the 'dark theory' about Pokémon, it pretty much broke my heart. That sounds extreme I guess but I grew up absolutely in love with the show and games, and I still love it for everything it is and everything it showed me as a child, and still shows children now. To take it and reduce it to 'this is what it would have to be in the real world' feels exactly like the writer of the article said, like an attempt to belittle the optimism and magic of that world by finding a more 'realistic' interpretation. The same goes for Harry Potter and everything else mentioned. I think as the people who were around when these things first emerged, we (very general we here!) feel this need to possess those stories and hold on to them. Instead of realising that they are meant for children, like they were for us when we were children, we try and twist them to be more adult so we can keep them.
    Personally I still LOVE kids shows, but I love them for what they are. I can still sit and watch Pokémon episodes for hours and enjoy them from the same place I did as a child. We recently started watching Yu-gi-oh which I've never seen and I'm loving it. My mum is the same with kids shows, quite often she will have them on when she is pottering around the house, and I'm glad I always grew up in a place where it's totally acceptable to say 'hey, I just watched this kids show on TV!'
    When I think about it really, I don't understand the arguments of 'this is how it really is *insert dark ideas here*', do we REALLY think we should be filling kids shows with this crap? What is so wrong with them just having magic and optimism and awesome creatures as friends and make believe without there being some 'ulterior reality' going on?

    I also really enjoyed the article on unfollowing and unfriending. Actually, reading one article after the other, they seem to really fit together. I used to think I HAD to hold onto people from my past, online and off, because god forbid we ever hurt anyone. I was surrounded by drama I didn't care about or need and I woke up dreading what I was going to have to face with my old friends and pessimistic aquaintances every day. Then a few years ago I guess I hit the limit because I decided to just say 'screw it' and cut everyone out that I didn't genuinely want in my life. It worked like a dream, I suddenly found myself making friends with people I really connected with and all the drama was suddenly gone.
    It does hurt when people cut you, but I really agree that it is healthier to do that then to just keep holding on to every single little thing or person just because we once connected with them. I know I feel a little sad when I see people unsubscribe from my blog, or IG or something, but honestly if they're not getting anything beneficial / enjoyment from being around me in whatever form, then I'd rather they cut me off. I firmly believe we have to get rid of the old worn out things in our lives before new fresh things can come in, and being honest with ourselves about those old things is really integral to being able to do that.

    Wow, I totally waffled!

    1. I love your waffling though!
      The theory about Foster's broke my heart when I read it. I love that show so much. And I don't care about anyone's crackpot Harry Potter ideas. He was a really guy as far as I'm concerned and all that quite obviously happened, haha. I think kids needs fantasy in their life. I surrounded myself with it when I was younger and it really opened me up to a lot. I found paganism through it, made friendships, read amazing books, and on and on. I like to think I turned out alright.
      And the unfriending thing is something I have taken to heart over the last few years. I do an fb purge every few months. I think I only have 60-something friends on there. I don't like having to see everything from everyone I have ever met. It's stressful and sucks my time.

  2. The quote made me smile.. I love the dirty hands holding hands!!!!

    1. As do I, something about it is just stunning.

  3. I love the image of the hands, so beautiful!

  4. That picture of hand holding, LOVE IT. I love everything in this post. That quote... amazing. Thank you for sharing my Vampirism Monday post! I am so glad you liked! :D


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