Monday, April 15, 2013

EcoShag & Kooky Clothes

This is one of my very rare personal style posts! Are you ready for it? Honestly I wish I did more stuff like this but until I get my own camera I don't see it happening. But moving on, this style post was inspired by one of my all time favourite etsy shops, EcoShag. I got my first headscarf from the creator, Tania, in November (I think) of last year and I was absolutely smitten with it. It's beautifully made and so very pretty.

This is it:

But recently I got a second one and I am even more in love with this one than the first. Everything about it is perfect. The colour is incredible, the material is so soft (seriously, I spent forever just touching it) and it looks great. I am so excited to rock it all through spring and try out new ways to wear it. 

First off, look at this packaging:

Good packaging always amps up the excitement of what's inside, don't you agree? Plus, that cord has definitely made it's way into my jewelry stash and is waiting to be recycled into something new. I love acquiring supplies form unexpected places. 

Anyways! A few days after getting it I wore it out during one of my and my boyfriends walks through the Quabbin Reservoir and he was kind enough to snap a few photos of it and the rest of my kooky clothes for the day.

I got these overalls at Salvation Army for $0.99 and although they are a bit big on me they are one of my all-time favourite pieces of clothing. They're super comfy and so cool. I mean, they're covered in stars and moons. There is nothing not fabulous about that.

Outfit Details
Overalls // Thrifted
Overshirt // Second-hand
Headscarf // c/o Ecoshag
Shoes // Converse from Famous Footwear 
I just realized you can't even see my shoes but whatever, now you know anyways, haha.
Necklace // Hipporacle
Bracelet // Handmade by me

I told you, it's an awesome scarf. And if you want one of your own you can get 15% off in Tania's shop with the code UNLACED15 at checkout. Win! If you decide to get one (you really should) be sure to share with me, I'd love to see you showing off your EcoShag swag. That rhyme was not intended but I'm going with it, haha.

Lady Unlaced


  1. So pretty!!! I love the overalls. Such a fab pattern and that scarf is amazing. I bought one recently covered in stars. LOVE IT. I'll go check out Tania's shop for sure. ^_^

    1. Thanks <3 I really love Tania's shop, seriously, her headscarfs are so beautiful and comfy

  2. You're such a cutie Manda ♥
    I love everything, that orange is doing funny things to my heart (tickly, good things!)

    1. 0///o you're too sweet. Orange does the same thing to me

  3. I love that look! It definitely suits you!

  4. I have been looking for some cute head scarfs. I have a couple, but they are so old and worn I barely wear them anymore. I will definitely check out her shop!

    1. You won't be disappointed by it, it's seriously fabulous. Headscarfs are one of my newer favourite things to wear. So versatile and comfy


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