Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time

This past week I have felt lazy in my internet life. I added stuff from the shop and continued to update, but all I really wanted to do was lay outside in the sun or sleep on the couch with Eli. I am feeling more energetic and productive now though, thankfully!

Tea of the Week: Mint. I drank at least three cups of this stuff on Sunday when I went to my mom's to do laundry. It's just so delicious.

Tumblr Finds
I love this tea art! Found here.

Eyes and trees. I dig it. Found here.

Window Shopping
Actually this is real life shopping. I won $40 to evermicrush via The Dainty Squid and this
was one of my purcahses!

renewal. crystal point, onyx and agate earrings
Aren't these earrings from Spirit Tribe just lovely?

Reading List
1. I enjoyed this little piece about how writing for pageviews kills your soul. I think it's so important to blog for yourself first and foremost.
2. 9 Spring Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Apartment Livable Again -definitely taking note here! I am hoping to purge some more of my stuff, clean all the little corners in the house, and weed out my wardrobe. 
3. These repurposed items are pretty neat.
4. You should really check out this online sketch board! So neat!

Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul. -Walt Whitman

Manda Rave


  1. As always I love this post! ♥ I really enjoyed the 'writing for pageviews' piece as well, I read quite a bit of it out to my boyfriend one night. It made me laugh, but is also very true. It was something I've sometimes struggled with, but thankfully don't care about anymore. It really can suck you in when you see what feels like everyone talking endless about SEO and keywords and tags and just... ugh.

    1. I freelance write so a lot of the times I have to do that kind of writing for whoever hires me, but I never do it here. I like to think I write well without worrying about keywords or how appealing my sentence structure or word choice is to the masses.
      And I'm glad you enjoy tea time, hehe :)

  2. Love me some Tuesday Tea Time. I am in love with those trees, that top, and those earrings!


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