Sunday, August 5, 2012

Exploring the Tarot: The Chariot

The Chariot
Keywords: struggles, triumph

The Chariot is a card of conflict, usually between two options for something. It often depicts a man riding a chariot pulled by two horses which are trying to go in opposite directions. The horses are usually different colours (black and white) and represent two different paths. The paths oppose each other but both have validity to them, making the decision to be made a difficult one. It is up the the driver to reign in the horses and keep them under control.

This card is said to be ruled by Ares, the god of war as the horse-drawn chariot is often a symbol for battle; quite appropriate considering the meaning of the card.

In a spread The Chariot signifies inner conflict -you or whoever you're reading for is fighting an inner battle between two very different desires. It can also mean that there is conflict between the people around you and that compromise may be necessary to diffuse the flames. The Chariot is a card of passion and desire and in order to balance it out you will need to find a sense of calm and balance.

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