Friday, August 3, 2012

Feminist Friday: Vagina is Not a Bad Word

If you read the title of this post and it put a smile on your face, made you nod in enthusiastic agreement, or displayed any other kind of awesome agreement then I am so happy we're on the same page. However, if you saw the word "vagina" and shied away from it, then listen up, because this post is definitely for you.

Vagina is not a bad word.

It's not dirty, vulgar, uncivilized, inappropriate or in any other way unacceptable. It's the technical term for a female's genitalia. Just as penis is the same for a male's. This is not news people -we all learned this in school. And if you didn't then I suggest you evacuate your childhood town (if you haven't already) and never raise children there. Genitalia is a part of the body an everybody's got it, so there's no reason to get embarrassed or nervous about it. And you especially shouldn't feel uncomfortable coming out and saying "vagina."

Of course the same goes for penis, but that's not something we as a culture seem to have a problem with. The word is thrown around pretty willy-nilly, as is its synonym, dick. We call people dicks all the time, tell people to stop dicking around, jokingly tell our friend to suck our dicks. (Yes, my lovely readers, I am really going down this route, so stick with me.) Substitute a female parts into that and people start to get offended, confused, and uncomfortable. Unless, of course, you're trying to insult someone by calling them a pussy, but that's another topic that I will most certainly get into in another post. Quick preview though: likening someone to a woman (read: calling them a pussy) when they are being "weak" or in any way incapable is insulting to women and not acceptable ever. 

Anyways, as I was saying. Try calling someone a vagina and see what happens. Tell them to stop vagina-ing around. It sounds silly to say, but why? We've made light of male reproductive organs, so why not a woman's as well? Although, I will admit, I've seen a lot of lovely feminists on the internet who say "suck my clit" a lot and that seems to be catching on a bit, which I am in full support of. I never got why females say "suck my dick." It doesn't make any sense to me, but maybe someone can enlighten me?

Whatever, the point of the matter is, no one should feel embarrassed about saying vagina. And no one should shame someone for saying it. It's not even a slang word -that's it's actual name. So when you hear it, don't cringe, don't look at your feet, and don't pretend that you don't know what a vagina is or what it does. We all came out of one, so get over it.


When it comes down to it, it's a part of your body (unless your male, in which case it's not, but you know what I mean) and your body is never anything to feel ashamed or uncomfortable about.

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  1. haha so true!!!
    it totally has this stigma about it, and what for!? like you said, we all came out of one!
    xo dana


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