Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gypsy Dreaming Part 3

I have been seriously been struck by the wanderlust arrow. All I want to do is get a van, swath it in bright fabrics, stock up on tea, and take off to travel the country. I want to read cards for people and hoop on the street. I want to have bonfires on the beach, collect treasures in the woods, make jewelry to sell and read books about magick until the wee hours of the night. Is that too much to ask?

gypsy van



gypsy caravan

Beach bonfire

I came across this lovely blog a week or two ago, The Sacred life of Rain, and I was immediately blown away by the way she uses words to express the things that lurk in her soul. I related immediately. The first post I came across was Wild Gypsy Soul which while reading I felt my heart would burst. It's exactly how I feel and haven't been able to put into words. 
"As long as I remain divorced from my feminine soul and the wild gypsy who lives in the breath of my being, I remain only half-alive, colorless, one-dimensional."
Talk about my life. I feel heartbreakingly incomplete with my wild gypsy self locked up under school, work, and other "real Life" obligations. She doesn't understand the importance of paying rent or getting a paycheck. I can't make her see why we must stay put for now. She doesn't care about my degree or minimum wage pay. I can't really blame her. Sometimes I don't understand any of it either.

I am rambling at this point I think. But does anyone else feel like this? Or am I losing everyone?


  1. Hi Manda, what a dreamy post! I'm contacting you from, we've been looking through your blog and we love your style. We're currently looking for some great bloggers to work with us, if you'd be interested please contact us on thanks xx

  2. Gah. No it's not too much to ask. I am going nuts. My inner gypsy doesn't understand it either. I'm so scared Im going to get old and lose her.
    I agree with you. I want a van, to travel, I want journals full of adventures, I want to have bonfires on the beach! I want to feel like I really lived and want to feel like I'm really living. :/
    Lets go!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy lady who feels this way!

  3. I know how you feel! I may not want to do exactly the same things (read tarot cards, hoop), but there's definitely a traveling gypsy side of me that wants to just leave the job and worries about paychecks and all those 'real life' things behind and go live on the beach, or in an Irish cottage, or in Australia. Most especially on days when those 'real life' things have worn me out and I'm tired (like today).

  4. *insert Breakfast club gif of all hands raised here*
    Though thats obvious, because we talk about this quite a bit. I think we definitely need to at some point. Maybe within the next two years. I think the fact that we have yet to go camping this year is making it worse, don't you think?

    1. Yeah, we really need to get on that. I could use a camping trip

  5. thank you for your lovely words. <3
    much love as your gypsy wakens and you learn the dance of life together.


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