Monday, August 6, 2012

Music Monday: Fight Like A Girl!

After months of waiting, Emilie Autumn's newest album is finally here! It was released on July 23rd after an anxious countdown by the Plague Rat community.

I know I haven't done many Music Monday's (sorry!) and that Emilie Autumn has been a key figure already, but I love her to pieces and am so excited for this album that I thought she deserved another post.

Fight Like A Girl serves as a companion to Emilie's book, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls although you need not to have read it in order to enjoy the music. It just adds another layer to the lyrics of the songs and a deeper understanding of their meanings. If you're interested in the book I highly recommend it, but if you can borrow it from someone you should. It's pricey (for good reason-it's large, weighs about 5 pounds, is in full colour, and it filled with art) but if you're a die-hard plague rat like myself it's worth the money.

Anyways! The new album! If you like alternative-rock-industrial-classically influenced-awesomeness then you will probably like this album! Haha, I know that probably doesn't make much sense but Emilie's music is always kind of hard to explain if you haven't heard it before. She has a unique sound to say the least.

And because the album goes with the book, the songs are about a horror story of an asylum for girls (most of whom aren't actually crazy) that includes medication, blood, death and tea.

If you're not into that kind of thing, I totally understand. It's not for everyone, but it speaks to me and I find it beautiful and fascinating.

Here's a few of my favourites from this album:

I know there are some of her fans out there that weren't impressed with this album, but I think it's wonderful. I am an avid lover and supporter of all her work and I think Fight Like A Girl is a wonderful addition to her music.


  1. She looks brilliant and the title, Fight Like A Girl is just ace. I'll have to come back and listen tomorrow 'cos the cat's disconnected my speakers! x

    1. She pretty fabulous, definitely my favourite musical artist :)


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