Saturday, August 25, 2012

So I'm Moving Again

Sorry it's been so quiet around here everyone, but as the title of this post says, I am moving again. Not far, just around the corner. Me and Mike (and Eli, the hedgehog and rats!) are moving in with my best friend, Sue, and her boyfriend around the corner. 

Moving is a lot of work, especially between me and Mike both going to our respective jobs. And on top of all that I had to take Eli to get neutered today because we didn't want to move him without getting it done first. Their old roommate had a male cat and although he's never sprayed before we didn't want to take the chance.  So we dropped him off this morning and just picked him up about an hour ago. He's currently lying under the bed at the new place, still a bit drugged up and looking really out of it. We're keeping him locked up for the night with all his things and then tomorrow he'll be introduced to the rest of the house as well as their cat. Hopefully they get along fine.

So that's why it's been so dead here. If I'm not at work standing in front of a cash register than I'm moving boxes, rearranging furniture, washing dishes and trying to figure out how to hang a shelf. My whole body is sore and I feel perpetually exhausted. But I keep powering through. I'm determined to have everything moved out and the old place cleaned up by the third of the month so we don't have to pay rent for September. At the rate I'm going I may be able to accomplish it. I have work tomorrow, but the next two days off in which I'm hoping to accomplish a good chunk of the cleaning.

I will try to update sometime in between. I hope everyone's weekend is going well!

Lady Unlaced

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