Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Strange Love

I love Rumi, okay? <3>

I came across this on Pinterest and it immediately spoke to me. It was the stirring feeling of when you read something or look at something and it just resonates with your soul. I love that feeling.

My strange love pulls me to green forests, rocky riverbeds, salty shores, and crumbling temples to long-ago gods and goddesses.

Where does your strange love pull you?


  1. what a beautiful quote! my strange love would probably never let me settle i guess, i'm very restless but not in a way that makes me unhappy. i just love to discover new places.
    i would love to live in new york, i just LOVE this city and it may be the only place i would actually like to stay for a longer period of time. but i also love the mountains and lakes of canada and washington state.. i don't know, there's so many places i want to go. so many different places too. i love the city but i also love nature. i just want to keep exploring :) xx


  2. I feel the same pulls. It pulls so hard!!!! I wish I had the guts to just quit my job, trust the universe and take off.


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