Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding Your Spirit Animal & Channeling Their Power

What is a spirit animal? A spirit animal can also be referred to as a power animal or animal guide. The concept of a spirit animal has roots in Shamanistic traditions with the belief that every person has an animal that they have a connection with. That animal embodies their connection to life and their personality.

Finding your spirit animal is not usually very hard. If you already feel a strong connection to a certain animal then there's a good chance that is your spirit animal. Mine is a white tiger -I never had to go searching to figure that out though. I have known from a young age, having always felt a connection to their feline power and grace. When I was introduced to the concept of having an spirit animal I knew right away that a tiger was mine, and specifically a white tiger. I have had the companionship of the tiger spirit and energy for years and it has never steered me wrong. 

If you don't already feel a connection to an animal then there a few simple ways you can go about uncovering  what your guide is. Meditation is the most straight forward way. If you're not familiar with how to meditate then I recommend this article although you should remember that the process can be different for everyone. What works for someone else may not work for you so it's best to experiment. The most important part is that you be relaxed and undisturbed. You can light incense, play music, or whatever else helps you get into the right state of mind.

Start your meditation, slipping into a calm state of being. Keep your breathing even. Once you have blocked out the physical plain you can start exploring the metaphysical one. Try to focus on discovering your animal -will them to show themself to you. It may not happen immediately, but you have to be patient. 

When you do come across your guide you may be surprised at what it is. No animal is ruled out and it could even be some sort of insect or bug, like a butterfly or spider. Try to interact with them. What does that animal represent to you? Are they powerful? Adaptive? Protective? Feel free to ask them questions or ask them to help strengthen you in certain  ways. Whatever feels liked the right thing to do.

I know it's not a very guided meditation, but finding your spirit animal this way is not going to be the same for every person who tries it. The metaphysical plain is a fluid and ever-changing thing and everyone experiences it in a different way. I believe in letting the energy flow and seeing where it takes you, but if you would like a more guided meditative approach then check out this one on Mookychick. At the bottom of the article there is also a short but helpful list of some common guides and what they represent.

Once you have discovered your spirit animal you can start building a relationship with them. Get figurines or statues of them to put up around your house, infusing them with the energy and wisdom of your animal. Hang up pictures of them as well as research about their characteristics, where they live, and what they eat. Get a pendant shaped like them. Whatever you feel like doing that will make you feel more connected.

As you build your bond with them you can also call on them to help you in your magickal endeavors as well. A lion can add strength, an owl can lend wisdom, a dolphin can increase happiness. If you think your animal can aid you in a spell then call on them during your rite and ask for their help. Chances are they are more than willing to be of service and can give your spell an extra power boost.

Protection is also another thing your spirit animal can help you with. If you keep a close bond to them then you can ask for their protection, over you and your home. Just make sure to thank them often and show your gratitude. Remember that your spirit animal is their to help you but that you are not entitled to that service. 

Good luck finding your animal!

Lady Unlaced

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  1. This is a great little essay. I think my spirit animal is a deer. I used to think it was a panther, though. That's quite a drastic difference haha

    <3 Melissa

  2. This is awesome.
    I can't believe I never seen this post! What the heck..

    That's funny that ^Melissa said a deer. I've always felt connected to deers.. however I'm not sure if that is my spirit animal. I was just thinking this morning (when I went to leave for work there were 3 deers in the yard.. including a baby!) and they didn't get scared of me or walk away or anything and I thought.. "hmm.. maybe deer is my spirit animal" but I really think it's cats.


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