Thursday, September 27, 2012

Interior Inspirations II

I dream about home decor a lot, almost as much as I dream about clothes, haha. Hey, at least I admit to it! I always have ideas and images floating around in my head for both and pinterest really feeds the decor-loving part of me. The site is full of neat pictures and cool ideas. I wish I had the money to do a total re-haul of my apartment. I'm not sure my housemates would appreciate it much, but a girl can dream!

The Mama Earth Project: AUTUMN EQUINOX - BALANCE

Strawberry Freckleface: ◎ ◯ BEACH UNIVERSE ◯ ◎

india, bohemian bed

Each picture is a link to their respective source.

I'm really digging everything about that bed, especially those pillows. I don't have nearly enough decorative throw pillows in my life.

Lady Unlaced

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