Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Monster High Collection (image heavy)

I know I've mentioned my love for Monster High dolls before and seeing as I've accumulated a small collection, I thought I would share. I really do adore these dolls and I wish they had been around when I was younger -much better than barbies in my opinion. All my barbies had marker streaks in their hair and heavily gel-pen eye makeup because I didn't think they looked cool enough. That wasn't just me right? It was probably just me I know.

Anyways, these are my lovelies!

I have....
+Operetta Basic
+Nefera de Nile
+Toralei Stripes
+Frankie Stein Skull Shores (Monochromatic)
+Clawdeen Wolf Ghouls Rule (I bought the nude doll and a fashion pack off ebay)
+Draculaura Forbitten Love
+Ghoulia Yelps Skull Shores

Aren't they lovely? I think they are, but I'm incredibly lame as you all may have noticed, haha.

I know this is my first post since Tuesday and I wanted to apologize for that. Life has been hectic between school and work that I haven't had much time or motivation to write posts. I think I'm going to take some time every week to write a bunch at a time and schedule them so that I don't have any posting gaps.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! It's raining pretty hard here but I like it. The sound of it hitting the ground is soothing.

Lady Unlaced

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  1. Love your pics, you've got a fantastic collection, quite the range of different characters!


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