Sunday, September 23, 2012

Link Love

I figured since I do Tumblr Tuesday every week and share images I've found and love, that it might be nice to  share some links to things other than pictures. Sound good? Hopefully you can find something interesting off the list!

Some blogs I'm currently really digging.

Online shops that I'm currently drooling over.
I love this piece!

I have been admiring this piece for awhile.

Motivation & Inspiration
What gives YOU the authority? // "Through our side-winding exploration of angels + archetypes + oracles, I was reminded that true Authority isn’t something that can be bestowed upon you by somebody else."

The Secret to Productivity That No One Wants to Hear // "Sometimes the best way to be effective and productive while working at home is to simply get your head down, put on those blinders and get to work!"

I hope you've enjoyed clicking through!

Lady Unlaced

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  1. I really enjoyed "The Secret to Productivity that No One Wants to Hear" - it's so true. & that's exactly what I need to do...

    <3 Melissa


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