Sunday, September 30, 2012

September in Review

I feel like September has gone on forever and zipped on by all at once. I managed some of the goals I made for myself back at the beginning of the month, although I wish I had accomplished more. It's been hectic here though. I really hope October is better.

Find balance between work, classes, and my other responsibilities. 
Finish reading City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare.
Finish chapter 8 of my novel, Runaway.
Update my etsy shop at least once.
Spend time with friends who are returning to campus.

Finding balance is italicized because I only half managed it. I've had good weeks and bad weeks with it. I'm getting more class work as the semester progresses so I suppose I'll have to re-balance things again.

I did finish reading City of Lost Souls, finally! Sooo good, I love The Mortal Instruments series. Yes, I am a lame teenager when it comes to my books sometimes.

I didn't finish writing chapter 8 of my novel. No excuse, I dropped the ball on this.

I did update my shop! A couple of times! Go check it out, there's a sale going on right now. 15% off any order with code "FALL12" at checkout.

Aaand I did not spend as much time with friends as I would have liked. I really need to work on that and not go into recluse-mode as the temperature drops.

I feel indifferent about this past month to be honest. It could have been better but it also could have been worse. But October is tight around the corner and that's my favourite month! Halloween is the best!

Lady Unlaced

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