Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fiction Writing: Tips That Might Help or Be Completely Useless

Okay, so I have been writing a lot lately and I wanted to post some of these writing-related posts back in November for Nanowrimo but I never got around to it. But now is a better time than never so I figured I'd post a few tips for anyone else out there who has an interest in writing fiction.

Keep in mind, this is just advice. The same things don't work for everyone, these are just things that work for me. Also, I'm (obviously) not a published novelist or anything, so you know, there is that to consider.

So here, we go, some maybe useful tips for you to consider while writing.
  • Don't wait until you're inspired. I mean, yeah, you definitely want to write when you are hit with inspiration, but don't just wait for it to come around. The thing about writing is that it's really easy to put off and blame on "writer's block." Trust me, I would know, I have done it so many times and will do it more in the future without a doubt. But writing gets done because you sit down and commit to it. You work through the writer's block and even if your words are crap for the day at least you have words to work with later on when you edit.
  • Listen to music. I have playlists set up for each of my projects with songs that remind me of what I'm writing or that just put me in the mood for a particular scene I'm working on. I also use Zen Writer and will sometimes listen to the music options it offers which are soothing and unobtrusive. I have also found that SoundDrown has some great relaxing options including the sound of rainfall, a crackling fire, a coffee shop, and white noise.
  • Don't always write in the same place. I try to switch up where I do my writing on a regular basis. There's something about new surroundings that I find mentally refreshing. It's easy if you have a laptop, but even if you use a desktop that you can't move around, take a notebook and pen somewhere new and try handwriting a few things. People always poke fun at the writer-in-a-coffee shop cliche, but there's a reason we end up there. It's nice to be out of the house and in a place with good coffee, low music, and new faces to look at.
  • Try not to edit yourself while writing the first draft of anything. I am guilty of this but it's a habit I am trying to kick. It's so easy to go back and reread and try to fix what you've already written before you finish the first draft, but seriously, try not to do it. Editing is a problem for future-you. Just keep moving forward so that you can get the story done, then worry about fixing it.
  • Find someone you can bounce ideas off of. I always find myself more inspired to write after I have been talking to my best friend about our respective stories. We are both very passionate about what we write as well as what each other is writing. She hasn't even finished a novel and I am already emotionally attached to her characters. And she's always giving me great ideas or recommending me songs that she thinks fits what I'm working on.
So that's it, that's all I've got. This is what works for me and maybe it will work for you. Maybe it won't. It's worth a shot though. And I'd love to hear any tips you have for writing, so leave them in the comments if you've got any!



  1. I am always eternally grateful to have you to bounce my ideas off of. Its so wonderful to have a fellow intelligent and creative soul who understands the essence of good writing.
    -casually listens to All Of You for the third time this morning-

    1. Having you to talk to again has definitely opened me up even more creatively. I feel much more inspired on a regular basis. <3


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