Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hair Cut Part 2

So last week I made a quick post about giving myself a fringe. And the other day I finished off my hair cut at my best friend's house, because she has clippers and I don't. So now I have the sides of my head shaved and it's awesome.

I love it so much, it looks great and I feel like a bamf. We also shaved Sue's sides as well as my friend Aly's. We joked that we were now in a girl gang and Sue even made us bracelets that say "Las Lobas" to cement it. The text is the Malachim script and she'll actually be launching a whole line of similar bracelets with different power words on them in her shop Eerie Enchantments.

Here's my bracelet:


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  1. Your hair looks so wonderful! And so does that bracelet :3


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