Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Words

from The Necromancer's Daughter...
The roads leading to the city were like a grid, crossing one another at several intervals, and littered with crumbling buildings, flourishing plant life, and tons of debris. The more rural areas had seen a lot of clean up after the Shift, but suburbs and urban spaces were mostly left to decay. They were stretches of ruins, once a testament to human advancements, now just a wasteland for our history, left to the mercy of nature. There was something incredibly eerie about seeing the crumbling remains of what used to be, abandoned and forgotten by most humans. Nik said that there were people living within the city, taking refuge in the old buildings, desperate to cling to what the city used to be, but it was dangerous. The streets were also crawling with vampires looking for meals, fae who peddled faery dust to humans, fake psychics looking to take advantage of anyone who would let them, and people who'd kill you for a piece of bread. The cities were centers of anarchy and hunger, desperation and violence.
I often resented how sheltered my life had been, but I was grateful not to have been raised in a place like this. I couldn’t even begin to imagine why anyone chose to stay here, not when there were so many established communities where people made it a point to help each other and keep everyone safe and well taken care of.
My eyes widened when the city finally came into view. The suburbs leading up to it were bad, but this was like nothing I had ever seen, nothing I could have even imagined. Before us were towers of gray covered in vines, windows shattered, the roads littered with pieces of cars and rusted signs. And even though nature had been creeping in, everything was drab and crumbling. So this was what the death of human achievement looked like –a decaying, mournful ghost town.

from Moon Fever (a Teen Wolf fanfic)...
"I say we have another party!" Eric proclaimed, "now that everything in the loft is turned back on."
Derek raised a brow at her. "You can't just decide to have a party where I live."
"Isaac lives there too," she said, pointing to the doe-eyed beta who was grinning up at Scott while the band packed up their equipment. Derek continued to stare at her without saying anything.
She huffed. "Fine, you're such a killjoy. Why am I in a band with you again?"
"I believe the words you used once were because of my underwear model physique and broody eyebrows," he said dryly.
"Someone's full of himself," came a voice from the other side of the table and Derek tried to suppress a groan. It was Stiles. Of course it was Stiles. 



  1. I love when you share bits of your writing! I'd love to do the same but I'm way too paranoid...despite the fact that you and my friend Nadia are my only consistent readers! XD

    1. Thanks :)
      I used to be paranoid a bit, but I like the feedback. Plus, everything I'm sharing is pretty rough anyways. And the fanfic, well, that's fanfic xD haha


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