Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Words

Okay, so I know I haven't really been doing any kind of weekly features lately, but I think trying to make a habit of posting bits of my writing every week (Wednesday because of alliteration purposes of course) will be another thing to help me make sure that I am actually doing my writing. Not that I have been procrastinating on working on my novels as much as I have in the past, but I also enjoy getting feedback and putting myself out there a little bit.

So anyways, here's a look at what I have been working on lately.

from The Night Coven...
The morning of my first day at the new school was probably like every new girl in school movie -scrambling to turn off my alarm, a half-asleep shower, and my mom making a breakfast that was too big for me to possibly eat before I had to leave. The only thing the whole ordeal was missing was a scene where I pulled all the clothes out of my closet and tried to pick out just the right blouse. Instead I just pulled on the uniform I had gotten the day before, adding tights to the ensemble to try to cover up the way my legs looked in the skirt (which wasn't even that short, I was just used to jeans) and throwing on my slightly worn out jean jacket. The dress code hadn't said anything about outwear which was I was happy about. I owned a few blazers but I always felt like a secretary when I wore one. 
"You look lovely Ellie," my mom said as I sat down at the table where she had laid out eggs, toast, pancakes, and coffee. I was hoping most of it was for her and her pregnancy induced eating habits because there was no way I would be able to make any kind of significant dent in all that food.  
"Did you put on makeup this morning?" she asked, a smile tugging at her lips and she poured me a mug of coffee. I took it gratefully and scooped sugar into it. 
"It's just eyeliner," I said with a shrug, like it was no big deal. I stabbed at a pancake and avoided looking up at her, knowing exactly the satisfied grin she was wearing. Mom took it as a personal victory every time I used even a little bit of the makeup that she bought for me. Typically it only happened when Piper wanted to go out and forced me to sit still while she attacked me with eye shadow and a mascara brush. But the first day of a new school seemed like a good time to at least put a little bit of effort into how I looked.  
"It's no big deal," I said again around a bite of food. She didn't say anything but her look was enough. I debated going back upstairs and taking it off, but that seemed a bit childish, even for me.

from Moon Fever (a Teen Wolf fanfiction)...
"So," he said, nudging Scott with his elbow as they stepped away from the stage. "That guitarist seemed pretty into you." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.
Allison laughed, wrapping her arm around her boyfriend's waist, and Scott groaned. "That was so weird dude. So weird."
"At least he's attractive," Stiles continued, smiling wide, and Allison hummed an agreement against Scott's chest. Scott flicked his gaze from his best friend to the petite brunette wrapped around him.
"Aren't you suppose to defend my honour or something?" has asked indignantly.
Allison grinned. "I'm pretty sure your honour is intact. Well, maybe not after that thing we did in the back of my car yesterday."
Stiles clapped his hands over is ears. "That's enough of that!" he declared loudly, turning on his heel to make his way towards the bar for some water. He didn't care that his friend was getting sexy times when he wasn't (that was a lie, he did, but he wasn't bitter about it), but he in no way wanted to hear about it.


  1. I cant wait to read more of all of these things. I like where you're going with Ellie, and I'm eager to see what you decide to do with the school she's attending :3

    1. I'm excited to write Ellie, it seems she's much sassier than I first thought she would be


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