Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Words

Your weekly look into what I have been writing.

from The Necromancer's Daughter...
I met Sydra’s gaze and she nodded. I took a deep breath to try to center myself and then lifted the salt vial over my head and depositing it on the floor next to me. My magic immediately rushed forward, let loose from the rolling knot in my stomach. But now there was no salt to keep it contained and instead of feeling like the inside of my skin was being needled at, the power burst forth. My body felt electrified, the magic coming in waves off of me. I tried to do what Sydra had said, tried to condense it so that I could control it. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it to behave. I attempted to picture it coalescing into a ball in my palms but the energy was wild, ecstatic to be free of its cage, and it wasn’t listening to me. I was a thousand times grateful for the thick circle of salt that Sydra had drawn around me, scared to know what might happen if I was completely unbound.
“Focus!” Sydra said forcefully.“I’m trying to,” I ground out, annoyed that she didn’t seem to realize how much effort I was putting in. It wasn’t exactly like this was easy. 

from a Teen Wolf punk AU I just wrote...
Lydia Martin was in charge at Beacon Hills High, with her high heels and red lips, so it was her job to keep tabs on any and all new students that found their way into her halls. Especially when they were girls with slim waists and legs that went on for miles. So her interest in the stunning brunette with dark eyes when she walked through the school’s front doors was strictly business.
And really the girl shouldn’t have been so attractive, not with lip ring and the dark eyeliner, the studded vest and combat boots that clearly indicated she could fuck you up and wouldn’t feel bad about it. Usually that kind of thing was supposed to make you less attractive, or so Lydia had always thought, seeing as the local punk clique (three kids with greasy hair and only owned clothes from Hot Topic) certainly wasn’t made of lookers. [click for full]
If you actually read the snippets that I post then I love you.



  1. I actually really enjoy reading these - and can't believe you have so many impressive projects on the go!


    1. Oh I'm so glad, thank you! I have a problem where I get too many ideas and I start writing out all of them. Writing is all I really do with my time these days though so I can work on quite a bit successfully :)

  2. *cartwheels*
    *throws pillows at you*
    *moonwalks away*

    1. the mental image for this is too great xD I was trying to come up with a witty response but I can't stop laughing.


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