Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blogging Groove

I seem to have gotten my blogging groove back and I'm so excited to be posting on a regular basis. I've pretty much abandoned how I was doing things before (although I might bring back tea time, maybe as a once a month feature) but I am enjoying this much better. I feel like I've taken the chains off my content and am completely comfortable posting about whatever comes to mind. I hope that you guys enjoy this new way of doing things as well. It's by no means "professional" but that's not the kind of blogger I want to be anyways. I thought it was for awhile but it really just doesn't fit with the kind of person I am.

Anyways, I have a lot of posts planned, some kind of ramble-y, about pretty much everything I've been thinking about lately. My brain was in a cage before and I've let it out and now my mind is overflowing with things I want to share in this space.

So yeah, hang around if you're interested in what the inside of my head look like these days.

Also enjoy this picture of Eli.


  1. Good for you! Post what you feel like :)
    xox dana

    1. Thanks, heh, my blog is going to become a place of slight brain vomit, but I like it that way


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