Monday, February 3, 2014

Shots from my Bedroom Part II (image heavy)

I already shared a few quick pictures from my bedroom, but seeing as I now have a dresser (before my clothes were just in piles on the floor) and my room is fully put together (almost fully, I still need a throw rug) I thought I would share what it looks like.

Also, yes, these photos clearly have filters on them. The light in my room is sucky which makes the pictures grainy -the filter helps with that. Plus, it's pretty.

My bed, stuffed animals and all.
That chair is where I sit and do all my online stuff. (I have a lapdesk)
Top shelf of one of my bookcases.
Favourite poster, and very important.
I have so many sweaters on my door it's ridiculous.
Demon horns & bag with my Karma Mantra beads.
Top of my dresser.
Again, top of my dresser. Love that Lady of Shalott print.
Mirror, door, edge of bookcases. That's (one of) my hula hoop folded up against the wall.
There you have it, the space I spend most of my time in. There's still a few things I want to do, like get a rug and some new curtains (currently I just have these horrible blinds) and a few succulents but that stuff will have to wait until I have some money.



  1. It looks wonderful honey! Maybe I'll get off my bum and clean and finally organize mine today xD Your beautiful space is an inspiration <3

    1. Eee, I'm glad you like it <3 It has excellent energy, too, super relaxing and peaceful. And it looks so much bigger than it did before when I was living here. Perks of having significantly less stuff.

  2. Your room is so pretty! I especially love the energy poster!

    1. Thank you! The poster is actually just a graphic I found on tumblr that Rob blew up for me when he worked at Staples :)


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