Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things I Don't Care About Anymore

Does anyone else, as a blogger, feel the never-ending pressure to care about pretty much everything? Or is that just me?

Lately I feel like the blogosphere is just bogged down by unnecessary posts and advice and honestly, things I just don't fucking care about. People get so wrapped up in their branding, in tailoring their content to the right people, making sure their pictures look just right, and advertising everything they post on every social media site at exactly the right time using just the right wording, that I feel like the whole point of blogging gets lost. Okay, so your blog looks nice and has lots of redirects to your other stuff, and you have a few thousand followers, and some company wants to affiliate with you to bring in business. That's great.

But I still do not care.

That sounds harsh, I know. It's just, that when it comes down to it, all that stuff is nice, but if you're not being creative or engaging, if you're not being real in your own virtual space, I'm not interested. I follow bloggers because I'm intrigued by their lives and what they have to say, because they seem like real people.

So, we all likes lists right? I do, so here's one for you.

Things I Don't Care About Anymore
  • Your blog brand. I literally do not give a single fuck what your blog looks like or if your graphics use the same font or if the colours match the designs on your other social media sites. It's nice if they do, but I am not considering it to be important at all. I realize mine does all match and work together. This is due more to boredom than anything else.
  • Tutorials for things there are already 5000000 tutorials for. You did a thing, good for you, but I don't see the point of posting another DIY for something that already has a million google search results.
  • If your photos are all the same size. What a stupid thing to focus on, in my opinion. It's there, I can see it, that's good enough for me. 
  • Making content "shareable." I would actually rather see posts that can't be condensed into 140 character tweets. I like long-winded thoughts, posts with depth. And I love twitter, don't get me wrong, but blog content shouldn't be tailored to it (or facebook, or whatever.)
  • Posts where you recap everything you posted in the last month. Because I know what you posted, I read your blog, and if I thought it was interesting I already read it. I don't know, those kinds of recaps always seem kind of pointless to me.
  • The endless tips and advice on how to live healthier. I am all for a healthy lifestyle. I eat well, workout, and drink my 8 glasses of water a day. But I am sick of seeing people talk about it all the time. It's not like it's anything new. It's all kind of common sense stuff that has been repeated to the point where I would rather bang my head against a wall than see it again. Because just duh, obviously, veggies are good, yoga is good, don't eat too many cookies or you'll feel crappy. DUH. (this does not apply to when people post about their personal journey with health.)

And because I don't want this to be a super negative blog post (I'm not a super negative person you guys, I swear), here are some things I do care about.
this is how I express happiness over stuff on the below list, obviously
  • Pictures of your house, your cat, your friends, your food, your crafts, the trees outside your house, cool graffiti at the train station, the new shoes you bought, YOUR FACE. I love snapshots from people's lives. I love those little looks into your day. Because that's the real you, your real experiences, not something contrived or thought up just to up your pageviews.
  • Your thoughts on social issues, fashion, movies, music, books (I am super fucking interested in the books you read), people who walk their cats, assholes at the grocery store, the soup you ate for lunch. I care very much about your genuine thoughts on all of that and more. Extra points if you use over the top language to talk about otherwise un-extraordinary things. A fucking medal if you write a sonnet about doing laundry or something.
  • Your art. Whether it's painting, writing, sketching, graphics, video editing, jewelry designing, or gluing macaroni to construction paper. Whatever it is that you're doing creatively as an outlet is something I care about and want to see.
  • Cats. I really care about cats and I will read anything you posts about cats, whether its your cat or someone else's. You can make 10 posts about cats in a row and I would read every single one of them. And if you think I'm exaggerating I assure you I'm not.
  • Teen Wolf. I care about Teen Wolf a lot, so if you post about it (nobody posts about it, I don't know what's wrong with the blogging world) then I am 100% fucking there for whatever you have to say. (Okay, this one's pretty off topic, but I just have a lot of feelings about this show and I needed a fifth bullet point.)
See? There is plenty of stuff that I do like to see, just not the stuff that's usually in those "how to be a successful blogger" posts. And for the record, I don't care about those either.


p.s. I hope you enjoyed my gif use in this post. I thought it was pretty spot on.


  1. Dude! YES! I have really not been inclined to post a lot lately, and I think it's for all the reasons you list - in fact, I've been streamlining my blogroll over the last few days, trying to eliminate the ones that I'm not getting any real value from. Feels good!


    1. I have been doing the same thing, unfollowing blogs that when they come up on my feed I tend to gloss over anyways & just keeping the ones for people I am genuinely interested in. It feels great to declutter in that area.
      And I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way :)

  2. PREACH! I am also super interested in the music people listen to, which I really need to post more of on my blog. on my blog more in general. but YES YES YES TO ALL OF THIS.
    Also on the list of things I am interested in: HOW DID YOU GET 8 TRACKS ON HERE?! <3

    1. xD There is an embed option that you can get the code for, then just add it to an html widget on your blog.


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