Thursday, June 28, 2012

Connect With Me

I would love to connect with anyone who reads this blog! I like meeting people and networking with like-minded individuals. So you should check me out on all these awesome places:

Let's be friends, yeah? :D

And while we're talking about connecting you should all go check out the two lovely blogs I'm sponsoring during July.

Shell runs a great blog called Kitty And Buck that has become a quick favourite of mine. She posts a photo everyday which I really love. I wish i was as motivated to share that many photos! I also love all her outfits posts. She's sweet as can be so give her some love!

This is an even newer find of mine but from the second I came across Amanda's blog, Dragonflight Dreams,  I knew it was love! She blogs about books, fashion/style, and all sorts of awesome stuff. Give her a look?

Aaaand don't forget to go click on all the buttons over there on the sidebar under "Favourite Reads." There are some seriously fantastic blogs over there.

I'm hoping to start my own sponsorship set up sometime soon. Would anyone be interested? It would be cheap -I'm not famous in the blogging world by any means. The money made from any sponsors would go into supporting someone else's blog or jewelry supplies for the shop. Thoughts?

Feel free to leave me some of your links as well, whether it's a blog, twitter account, pinterest, whatever! I will definitely go check out any pages.

Lady Unlaced

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