Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Novel Snippet

I thought I would share another snippet from the novel I'm working on (it's the same one I've post piece of before, which you can find here and here.) The following piece is short and something I wrote that occurs later in the book than I have actually gotten. it just popped into my head one day so I typed it up and am saving it for later. So without further ado...

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“You might as well settle in,” Noah said from the doorway. “Dad’s not going to let you leave again.”
            “He didn’t let me leave the first time,” I replied. He shrugged. “You know what I mean. He’s already upped the ranch’s security since you got back. He’s not taking any chances.”
            “So much trouble for little ole me?” I said with sarcastic innocence.
            Noah’s eyes narrowed. “I’m serious Jayde, don’t try anything stupid. It won’t go well for you.”
            “Oh what, you’re on his side now?” I asked, my temper rising. I turned to face him. It was a good thing I couldn’t shoot lasers out of my eyes because he would have been in serious danger.
            “I’m not taking anyone’s side Jayde, but if you try to escape you’ll just get caught and then you’ll be even worse off.”
            I kicked the desk chair next to me and watched it roll across the room. “I am not a child.”
            “Really? Because you’re sure acting like one.”
            He was gone before I could make a snappy retort and I had to resist the urge to slam the door in his wake. Being home was so infuriating.

I love my main character. Jayde is strong, independent, and fun to be around. But at the same time she can be petty and childish. I think it makes a good balance of positive and negative in her personality. I hate unrealistic characters -I may write urban fantasy, but I try to stay true to human nature. 

Is anyone else interested in urban fantasy, reading or writing it? I would love to chat if you are! It's actually pretty hard for me to find others who share this interest with me. 

Lady Unlaced

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