Thursday, June 28, 2012

Exploring the Tarot: The Lovers

The Lovers
Keywords: trials, choices (in regards to relationships)

Contrary to what a lot of people may think, this card does not symbolize true love or a successful relationship. The Lovers is a card about making decisions regarding a relationship or other personal matter, but in no way does it promise a happy result or finding your soul mate.

In most decks, this card depicts a young man with two women on either side of him. One woman can represent a seductive young woman and the other a more maternal and wiser woman. This gives us the reading of choice -a possible dilemma. A blind cupid ("love is blind") is also sometimes shown flying overhead with an arrow pointed at the young man. 

In a reading, this card is instructing you to take a good look at your options before making any kind of decision. Consider the consequences of each choice -which are you willing to accept? The choice does not always have to refer to lovers or other relationships, but whatever choice it does point to is certain to be deeply personal. Choose wisely. 

Lady Unlaced

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  1. how fascinating! i've always wanted to know what these cards meant. how fun!
    xo TJ


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