Friday, July 6, 2012

Feminist Friday: Not An Invitation

Let's talk about something very important -women's clothing and the implications of said clothing. What implications are there? None. 

Short skirts, heels, low-cut tops and any other revealing or "sexy" item is not an invitation to be harassed or touched in any way by men or anyone else for that matter. This should be obvious. Apparently it's not. I can't walk 5 minutes from my house without getting rude comments about my ass or getting whistled at by truck drivers. It's disgusting and degrading. Most of the time I'm not even wearing revealing clothing -I'm too afraid to leave the house by myself in anything low cut or in heels because I know it would make the harassment that much worse.

Women should not have to live in fear of the reactions their clothing is going to get. 

And in no way does that mean women should just wear more "modest" clothes. The fact that there are other people with so little respect for our bodies and for us as people is a problem. No one should be treated as an object. Having a vagina does not make me any less of a person. And wearing a short skirt does not turn me into some kind of plaything that people can say and do whatever they want to.

I don't wear short skirts or low cut tops for anyone other than me, so let's clear that up. Because after that whole rant, when dealing with a misogynist, that is their next plan of attack. "Well why wear things like that if you don't want the attention?" I dress for myself and myself only. I wear things because I like them and the way they look on me, not to get the attentions of some creepy old guys on the side of the road. The fact that it would be insinuated that I am doing something for the attention of men only reinforces the fact that sexism and misogyny are very real and alive today. And that is something that no one should stand for.

Something for you all to think about.

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