Sunday, July 8, 2012

Magickal Tips for Financial Luck

I don't post too much on here about my witchy-tendencies, but every now and then I like to do something related to my craft. I'm a solitary eclectic practitioner who does not belong to any tradition, so my beliefs and practices fall all over the board. I use a lot of stones and crystals in my work, as well as herbs, meditation, and energy working.

Today I thought I'd share some quick magickal tips and items that are good for attracting prosperity and luck in the financial areas of your life. If magick isn't your thing, feel free to ignore my rambling, haha.

Stones to Keep Around:

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Whether you have a fancy polished and cut emerald or just a hunk of a raw one (see above), emeralds are great for attracting luck, especially when it comes to money. I bought mine at a local New Age shop for just under a dollar and glued it to a ring base so that I can easily wear it whenever I feel like I need the extra boost.

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This beautiful stone is great for attracting good business deals and repelling things that may lead to bad financial decisions. My other half has one of these stones that she carries around frequently and she absolutely loves it. And can be kind of pricey as far as tumbled stones go, but it's totally worth it.

Helpful Herbs:

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As well as being awesome for cooking, basil is also a handy herb for helping attract money and wealth to your home. If you have an altar, keep some on there. Or add it to some kind of charm bag you carry with you. Or tie it up by the doorways of your house. 

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Pine Needles
Such an easy thing to find if you live up North. We have tons of pine trees here in Massachusetts so collecting these is a piece of cake for me. Pine needles are supposed to be great for keeping a steady flow on money coming into your house. Keep a bundle on your altar or over your doors.

Others Tips & Tricks:

If you identify as a witch than I suggest just going through your books and notes and seeing what you can find as far as spellwork goes. I did my own personal spell that has been helping me out a lot. I'd share it but I didn't write it down -most of my magickal work doesn't have much of a structure. I just do what feels right.

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If you're newer to this kind of stuff, try simple things such as lighting orange candles in your home. Orange is a great colour for financial success and attracting money. Also just try to keep your thoughts positive, especially when in relation to money matters. Our thoughts have much more influence on our lives than we realize. If you don't think you are going to a get the job and focus negative energy on the outcome, chances are you won't get it. Stay positive, think about all the reasons why you deserve the job and how great it will be when you get it. I'm not saying you will always find success this way, but it's more likely. And even if something doesn't go your way, staying positive will keep you from getting depressed about it.

I hope this was helpful for some of my magickally-inclined readers. Good luck with all your financial ventures!


  1. pretty cool ideas, my mom is also into using money trees for wealth


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  3. I love learning the different associations of plants. Pine just smells so nice anyway. I think I'm going to put together a bundle this weekend, and set the intention for abundance.

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