Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making Use of Those Pretty Journals

If you are anything like me than you absolutely love collecting beautiful journals and notebooks. The journal and stationary section is one of my favourite parts of Barnes & Noble and I always have to check the office supply section of a store to see if they have any cool notebooks. I know I am not the only one like this.

If you're even more like me then you collect these treasures, deemed necessary to your life in the store, only to set them aside for some unknown future use that never comes. The prettier it is, the harder it is to bring yourself to write in it. I know how it feels, that pretty sums up most of my life.

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But I am trying to break the habit of hoarding notebooks and journals and never writing in them. I love to write, so it seems silly not to do so in the things I have been spending my money on. So here is my list of things to do put inside your pretties!
  1. Write a story. It can be a novel you've always wanted to pen or a collection of short stories. They don't have to be fantastic and you don't even need to show them to anyone.
  2. Write poetry. Write wonderful, terrible, beautiful, scary, free-verse, rhyming, should-never-see-the-light-of-day poetry! I have a bunch of composition notebooks filled to the brim with my abominations. Feel free to write tons of sucky verses. Or, if you're actually a decent poet, fill up your pretty journal with the talented breathings of your heart.
  3. Make lists. I love making lists. I make lists for everything (this post is a great example of that.) Try setting aside one of your notebooks just for making lists. If you're not a list person here are some great list ideas to get you started: Goal List, Wish List, Bucket List, To-Do List, Favourite Movies List and Favourite Songs List. The possibilities are endless!
  4. Start a journal. Duh. The most obvious use for a pretty journal is probably to use it as such. Try to write in it daily (or weekly, monthly, only on the full moon-ly) and let yourself be freed through your words. I find keeping a journal to be very therapeutic. 
  5. Keep a Recipe Collection. Usually I just look up recipes I want on the internet, but how great would it be to just have a notebook set aside where you jot down all your favourites and the things you want to try? Then you could just keep it in the kitchen and whip it out whenever you want, without having to boot up your computer and search through your bookmarks trying to find the muffin recipe you favourited 2 weeks ago.
  6. Purse Journal. Well, maybe a full-sized journal wouldn't be best for this, but a small pad that you love is perfect for it. I keep an Emily the Strange flip pad myself that I carry around in my purse. That way if I have an idea for something I can write it down quickly and go back to it later when I have more time to focus on it.
  7. Write About Your Travels. Designate one of your bound beauties to keep track of any trips you take. Record days at the beach, road trips, long flights, your week in London, etc. Glue in tickets and record your favourite memories. It'd be great to look back on years later.
  8. Dream Journal. If you're the type of person who remembers their dreams, trying keeping a dream journal. Even if your late night thoughts are just silly nonsense, it could be fun to keep track of them and look back and laugh.
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What do you use all your notebooks and journals for? Shaaaaaare with me! :D


  1. You forgot one of the most important ones! Sketch!! And actually many of these beautiful notebooks have different type of paper, depending on how you want to sketch; if you want to use ink, watercolors or just pencils. I usually carry one in my bag and draw what I see in my travels, even if it's just my cup of tea. I love these notebooks!! <3

    1. That's true! I don't know why I didn't put that on the list xD

  2. Oh man, I am bad about this as well. I have a good stack of gorgeous journals, and yet 95% of them remain completely blank (and have been for, oh, years). They're so pretty, I want whatever gets written in them to be just as pretty, dangit! I should probably just get over that and do some of the above.


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