Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday

I know, I know, I do Wordy Wednesday not Wishlist Wednesday, but to be honest I'm feeling lazy. So I thought instead of my writing I would share things I've found on etsy and am pining over and that you should totally get me because my birthday is Sunday I mean what? haha

Yep, those are my heart's current desires. Kind of a random assortment of things, but whatever. My birthday really is Sunday though. I will be 22 years old, kind of weird to think about to be honest. I'm sure it will continue to feel the same as 21 does though and hopefully better! I'm not really afraid of getting older like a lot of people seem to be. I assume every new year is a chance to be even more awesome than the past ones and an opportunity to keep building up a great life. I plan on being 60 dressed in tie-dye, black boots, velvet dresses and feather earrings while reading people's fortunes, perusing thrift stores, and writing urban fantasy novels. That sounds like the good life to me.


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through the side bar of Kitty and Buck's! I loved your button but am stoked to have found you!
    Which leo cusp are you on? I'm a full blooded pisces also in to astrology and magick. Stoked to have found you!

    1. :D I am on the Cancer/Leo cusp -July 22nd! Always happy to meet new magickal friends :) Manda x


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