Friday, July 13, 2012

Feminist Friday

Just some quotes and pictures this week. I don't have the time or energy to write out anything long and well-thought-out. Next week though!

From this blog.

"After spotting a growing number of young 'trendy' males advertising faceless naked women proudly on their t-shirts, I pondered why it's acceptable for adolescent males to have that plastered on their shirts, totally unscathed (if anything the disgust would be aimed at the model - boy will be boys but 'real' women should keep their clothes on, right?), and yet it's also acceptable to loudly analyse a young woman's skirt length on a public bus, and thusly make worthless assumptions about her character." -Gina, Gender Hypocrisy & Wearing a Short Skirt on the Bus
That quote is from an article on one of my favourite websites, . If you enjoy my blog then chances are you'll like this website. They cater to the weird, adventurous, feminist, spiritualist, wacky individual. I highly recommend going and take a look around.

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